Only 259 days away: The 50th Annual Alaska Folk Festival, April 7-13, 2025

Free to Perform, Free to Attend

The Alaska Folk Festival greatly appreciates the energy and talent that each of our performers brings to the stage. Without you this great event would not happen. For those of you new to the notion of a free all-volunteer festival, it is important to understand that the festival cannot and does not pay performers.

Performers are not paid

The Alaska Folk Festival cannot and do not pay performers. The exception to this rule is the annual guest artist, whose obligations to the festival may include multiple performances, dances, workshops, and discussions.

There is no fee to apply or to perform on stage

The Alaska Folk Festival is free to audience and performers, alike.

Join us for something special

If you are interested in being a part of this extroardinary week of music and exceptional community celebration, please read on and see what being a performer involves. We welcome your application. Performer application forms will be available here on the website in late January or early February.